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Well here we are, getting ready to travel Canada from coast to coast to coast: truck, fifth wheel in tow, two cats and a whole lot of road ahead of us. And we invite you to join us on our adventure. We will keep you posted on where we're going, what we've done and seen and plan to do next. From travel routes on Google maps, pictures, stories and adventures to what Hunter and Trapper are up to and think of their crazy humans and life on the road. We will even include (outdoors) cooking tips and recipes to tell you what we've found on local farms and farmers markets and what we've done with the product.

Our travel diary will start a few days before we will hit the road, telling you about our preparations. So please bear with us for a little while longer and the fasten your seat belt and hang on: we are about to HIT THE ROAD!

Ready, set, go

April 21, 2012

Starting point: Grimsby, ON
End point: Corbeil, ON
2012 Map

Got our fifth wheel and have brought it home without any accidents which is quiet an accomplishment considering the length of the whole thing: 21 foot 7 inches / 6,57 meter truck followed by an 36 foot / 11 meter fifth wheel. Makes for some interesting driving, especially around corners and when attempting to back up. But we did it, including a 3-point-turn and backing up to park the trailer here at home. We are now ready to move into our new, mobile home for the next few months.

May 3, 2012

Starting point: Corbeil, ON
End point: --
2012 Map

Ok, we now have the fifth wheel parked in a reasonably level place where we can leave it with the slides open and start equipping it. We also have a number of people who would like to see it and we now can give them the tour.

Meantime we are doing a lot of reading: books, magazines, internet. We are looking to get as much information and as many tips as we possibly can. And guess what: we find all kinds of interesting stuff and items we have to look into. Some make perfect sense, some are more curious like insurance for the cats for example. Is this really something to consider? We will find out once we check into it.

Storage is another point we are currently checking out. We will have to go through all our stuff and decide what to take along, what to sell or give away and what to store. Once we have an idea of which items to store we will know how big a storage unit we will need and be able to rent.

Lots to do.

May 21, 2012

Starting point: Corbeil, ON
End point: --
2012 Map

We are in the middle of equipping our fifth wheel which requires some thought: what do we take with us, where and how do we stow everything. There are limits not only to space but also to weight and we don't want to go all the way to the limit because we might end up adding items later on as we need them. On the other hand we might find out that we really don't need something we carry around and get rid of it later on, too.

We also mounted a bicycle rack and the two bicycles. They are ready to go.

Today we also brought the cats with us and let them explore their new home for about an hour. That went very well. Although they hissed at each other a couple of times, they didn't actually fight and seem to feel ok in the new surroundings.

June 9 , 2012

Starting point: Corbeil, ON
End point: Almonte, ON
2012 Map

Finally the day is here: we think we've packed just about everything we will need and are taking our 5th wheel on the road. We will drive it to Almonte where Sue will stay with the cats for a week while André is going back to Corbeil. Our friend's daughter is getting married and we are invited. So Sue offered to help out with preparations a bit and André will come back to Almonte on the 15th for the wedding.

We expect two things from this: first Sue will get a feeling of what we might or might not need so we still have time to adjust our equipment before starting our trip. Second the cats will be traveling and living in the 5th wheel and we will see how that works.

June 12 , 2012

Starting point: Almonte, ON
End point: --
2012 Map

Things are pretty good here in Almonte. Although the cats didn't like the trip at all - every time we stopped and checked on them they were both hiding under a couch - they have quickly adjusted to living in their new home and seem just fine. So far they didn't try to get out the door when Sue opens it but enjoy sitting by the screen door or one of the open windows. It was crazy hot the last couple of days (36 C) and the humidity was making it even worse so it is understandable that they were seeking out a cool place or the breeze coming in. They even found the cold air stream of the air conditioner which Sue had to turn on yesterday because it was getting too hot without it.

Today the temperature dropped to 19 C and compared to the past few days it almost feels cold. Sue feels comfortable and has settled into a kind of routine. She has already started a (so far very short) list of things she thinks we should add to our stuff. Hunter and Trapper are a bit more active, taking ownership of the 5th wheel.

July 2 , 2012

Starting point: Almonte, ON
End point: --
2012 Map

And here we go: we managed to store all our stuff in a 10 by 10 storage unit plus our big enclosed trailer which is parked at the storage facility too. At first we didn't think we could get everything in and would have to get rid of a lot of items but in the end it all worked out just fine and the apartment was empty by Friday evening. On Saturday, June the 30st we went back to clean, load our car with the rest of our luggage and the cats and finally hit the road for good.

We arrived at our friend's in Almonte around 6 p.m. Now we are enjoying our new life. It didn't take us long to stow everything and now we are planning the first leg of our trip to the East Coast. Meantime we are getting used to living in our fifth wheel on the beautifully and tranquil horse farm of Pia and Alfons.

From here on out we will keep you posted on our blog rather then this page. So please bookmark it and join us on our big adventure.